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Web-Link is a premier Internet solution that is carefully designed to meet a wide variety of needs. It is a convenient, secure Internet solution that enables completion of ASEBA forms online, printing of ASEBA forms, scoring of ASEBA profiles, and transmission of data to ADM. All that is needed is a computer with an Internet connection, a Web-Link account, and E-units. (Web-Link cannot be used with the DOF, TOF, or SCICA.) Check out the demo of Web-Link.

Features of Web-Link

  • Access our web site to use your Web-Link account.
  • Direct entry by respondents and classic key-entry are both available for all rating forms in the ASEBA system. Forms can be entered for Preschool ages 1½-5, School-Age ages 6-18, Adult ages 18-59, and Older Adult ages 60-90+.
  • Rating form entry accepts list items used in ADM, including predefined lists (such as agency, clinician, education) and user-defined lists.
  • Print out paper rating forms in English, Spanish and Dutch.
  • Export data for statistical analyses and other purposes.
  • A variety of user management options are available:
    • Create groups of users for purposes of viewing output from other members of the group.
    • Create these groups purely for auditing purposes, to track which users and groups are using e-units.
    • Auditing reports can be obtained for each user, each group, or all users.
    • Access to various functions in Web-Link can be restricted by specifying roles for different users.
      • Supervisors have access to all functions in Web-Link, including account settings.
      • Managers can add new users and manage users they add. They do not have access to account settings.
      • Regular users cannot access account settings or add other users, but can change their own preferences.
      • Restricted users cannot access account settings, add other users, or change their own preferences.

Features not included in Web-Link

  • Automated download of output is not included.
  • Because you must be able to contact your respondent, Web-Link is not a good solution for anonymous responding.
  • Output is available only in US English format.
  • No auto-id system is provided - you must maintain your own ID number system.
  • Direct email to respondents with login information is not available. Login information is contained in a .pdf document that you can print and mail, or attach to an email.

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