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WebForms Direct

WebForms Direct is the easiest of our products to use. WebForms Direct is intended for users whose strengths lie in areas other than computer savvy, who are collecting forms for clinical purposes.

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Features of WebForms Direct

  • CBCL/1½-5-LDS, C-TRF, CBCL/6-18, TRF, YSR, ABCL, ASR, OABCL, and OASR forms are administered online for completion by respondents. Profiles, narratives, and entry reports are available in both U.S. English and international translated formats. WebForms Direct is currently available in English, and for school-age forms, they are also available in Latino Spanish and Dutch.
  • User administers the CBCL/1½-5-LDS, C-TRF, CBCL/6-18, TRF, YSR, ABCL, ASR, OABCL, and OASR by entering information about the child and respondent on a single screen. An ID number for the child is required. WebForms Direct provides you with automatically generated ID numbers, or you can use your own ID number system.
  • Respondents complete the rating forms at your office computer. Alternately, WebForms Direct can send an email to your respondent. The email includes a link the respondent can click on to begin the rating form.
  • Scored and raw data are available for analysis. A custom variable field is provided to link WebForms Direct data to other data.
  • If you are using WebForms Direct for research purposes, scored and raw data for analysis are available. A custom variable is provided for you to enter any information you want. You can use that information to link your ASEBA WebForms Direct data to other research data.

Features that are not included in WebForms Direct

  • Classic key-entry from paper forms is excluded, and blank paper forms cannot be printed.
  • Rating forms for other age group Older Adult ages 60-90+ are not included.
  • Automated download of output is not included.
  • Because you must be able to contact your respondent, WebForms Direct is not a good solution for anonymous responding.
  • Predefined lists and user-defined variables compatible with ADM are not included.
  • There are no account user groups, so users within an account cannot view each other's output within WebForms Direct.
  • There are no auditing reports in WebForms Direct.

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