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ASEBA Utilities

RTS and A2S

Ratings-to-Score (RTS)

RTS is a utility to aid those customers who want to score data they have collected outside of ADM. An input file of data passes through RTS and produces scores in a scored data file. RTS can also produce an
ADM Data Transfer file. The ADM Data Transfer file is used to import
raw, unscored data into ADM.

Do you have ASEBA item ratings stored in non-ADM files, such as SAS, SPSS, SYSTAT, SQL, Access, or Excel? If so, do you want to compute ASEBA scale scores from the item ratings? RTS can help you by using the item ratings to compute raw scores, percentiles, and T scores for current and legacy scales of all ASEBA forms except the SCICA and DOF. Simply export your data to a file that RTS will check for errors and then use for computing ASEBA scale scores.

RTS Guide

Choose from various output types, including files for use by the A2S utility, which prepares scores for SPSS analyses. RTS can also export your item ratings to ADM for storage and cross-informant comparisons.

RTS requires that the input data files follow a fixed format. Customers will have to create these input files following documentation provided with the program.

RTS is for customers who have data entered in some data entry system other than ADM and 1) want scored data only or 2) want to get their data into ADM. Customers that work with data from DOS programs can use RTS if they want only scored date. If customers want to get data into ADM, ADM should be used to import the data, not RTS.

RTS Functions:

  • Scores data from all forms except SCICA
  • Produces all scores for both current and legacy norms (but not cross-informant scores)
  • Scores available in file formats (several to choose from)
  • Produces files that will allow raw data to be imported into ADM
  • RTS is:

  • NOT a substitute for ADM
  • NOT an entry program. Does NOT store data
  • Does NOT produce profiles, narratives, or cross-informant reports
  • Does NOT produce cross-informant scores
  • NOT a server application allowing simultaneous access (allows one user at a time)
  • NOTE: ADM Multi-user License cannot be used with RTS
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    A2S is a one-way utility designed to process data from ADM or Ratings-to-Scores (RTS) into SPSS. It will not allow you to import SPSS data into ADM.

    It will not allow you to import SPSS data into ADM. However, Ratings-to-Scores (RTS) can create a transfer file to get data into ADM. Click here for more information about Ratings-to-Scores (RTS).

    A2S 3.1 Guide

    A2S 2.1 Guide

    Adobe Acrobat™ Reader required. To install it, click on the image below and follow the instructions on the Adobe site.

    To use the A2S utility you will need:

    • Data exported from ADM or Ratings-to-Scores (RTS) in .CSV (comma delimited and quoted fields) format for raw (item) or scored (profile) data.
      SPSS versions 11.5 to 15*
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer (provided on the ADM and A2S installation CDs, or from
    • Experience with SPSS Command Syntax Window and user interface.
    Note: Student version of SPSS is not supported

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