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Welcome to the ASEBA Listserv

The ASEBA-L Electronic Discussion Group is for the discussion of psychological assessment and research using the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment. The discussion site, or list, is intended as a forum for users to ask questions and share answers and information. The archives are public, and the list is not confidential.

The list is administered by ASEBA staff, and subscribers are approved by the administrator. Please email if you would like to be added to the list, giving your full name and email address. Postings to the list are from subscribers only and messages are distributed to the list automatically. To make a posting to the list, send an email to: Be sure to include a subject (a brief description of your topic or question) with your message. Please do not include automatic signatures or attached files with your messages.

Although the University of Vermont hosts the list and ASEBA staff administer it, we at ASEBA do not consider this to be an “official” electronic site. The official ASEBA site, where you can find current information on ASEBA is at


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