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ASEBA Software and Applications

The ASEBA recognizes that our clients operate in different environments and offers desktop and web applications to choose what best suits your organization. See our comparision chart and security information (in PDF format) to determine which of our applications is best for you.

The Assessment Data Manager (ADM) makes it easy to manage data obtained with ASEBA forms. ADM runs on Windows® 2000 and 2007, XP, Vista (32-bit), and Macintosh with computer virtualization software such as Parallels, BootCamp, and VMware. More info.....

Web-Link is a premier Internet solution that is carefully designed to meet a wide variety of needs. It is a convenient, secure Internet solution that enables completion of ASEBA forms online, printing of ASEBA forms, scoring of ASEBA profiles, and transmission of data to your ADM. (Web-Link cannot be used with the DOF, TOF, or SCICA.) More info.....

WebForms Direct is especially easy to use, as it is designed for users whose strengths lie in areas other than computer savvy. More info.....

We also have the following utilities:

A2S 3.1 Utility is an SPSS® command file that formats item ratings and scale scores exported from RTS and ADM (all ASEBA forms except DOF). More info.....

Ratings to Scores Utility (RTS) computes raw sums, T scores, and percentiles for current and legacy scales of ASEBA forms (except SCICA, DOF, TOF, 2007 scales, new 2010 Preschool Stress Problems scale, and multicultural norms). More info.....


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