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Bogota, Columbia, October 16-18, 2014
Drs. Achenbach and Rescorla will be presenting the following workshops:

  1. Evaluación de niños pre-escolares y escolares mediante el Sistema de evaluación empírica de Achenbach - ASEBA
    Fecha: Jueves 16 de octubre Hora: 2 - 6p.m.
    Lugar: Auditorio 409 - Edificio Guillermo de Ockham
               Universidad de San Buenaventura Bogotá
    Dirección: Cra 8H No. 172-20 Bogotá
  2. Evaluación de la Psicopatología en la infancia y la Adolescencia
    Fecha: Jueves 17 de octubre Hora: 8:30a.m. - 5:30
                Jueves 18 de octubre Hora: 8:30 a.m - 1:30p.m.
    Lugar: Auditorio San Francisco de Asis
               Universidad de San Buenaventura Bogotá
    Dirección: Cra 8H No. 172-20 Bogotá

Información: Teléfono 0571-6671098

CONFERENCE ON DSM-5, Friday April 4, 2014.
The DSM-5: What You Need to Know from the Experts. Dr. Achenbach presented the Keynote Address entitled "The DSM-5 and Evidence Based Multicultural Assessment of Children and Their Parents" at 11:40 am-12:40 pm.

Location: Hays Theatre of the Wilbur Arts Center at Molloy College, 1000 Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre, NY. For details, please e-mail or phone Cindy Thomas at 516-323-3554.

Arlington, VA, Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Drs. Achenbach and Rescorla presented a workshop entitled Multicultural Evidence-Based Assessment of Child, Adult, and Family Psychopathology at the Society for Personality Assessment Annual Meeting at the Westin Arlington Gateway, Arlington, VA. For details, please visit

Lima, Peru, October 17-19, 2013
Professors Achenbach and Rescorla and Latin American colleagues presented talks and workshops at an International Conference on Evaluation of Child and Adolescent Psychopathology in South America Using the ASEBA (Evaluación de la Psicopathologia del Niño y Adolescente en América del Sur mediante el ASEBA). Sponsored by Peru's National Institute of Mental Health, the Conference wasbe held at Auditorio de Laboratorio Farmindustria cito en la Avenida Cesar Vallejo 565 Lince-Lima. For details, please e-mail Percy Suazo Herrera at

Zagreb, Croatia. April 11, 2013
Drs. Achenbach & Rescorla presented in Zagreb, Croatia on April 11, 2013. For details, please contact Professor Gordana Kuterovac Jagodic at

Conference - Empirically Based Assessment with the ASEBA Battery - Multiculural Challenges from Europe
Foz Campus of the Catholic University of Portugal, Porto

Portugal - March 15-16, 2013

The Scientific Committee and the Local Organizing Committee hosted the Conference "Empirically Based Assessment with the ASEBA Battery: Multicultural Challenges from Europe". The Conference was organized at the end of the research project "Assessment of Psychopathology in Children and in Adolescents: Validation of the ASEBA Battery" (PTDC/PSI-PCL/105489/2008), in Portugal. The main goal of this meeting was to share research projects developed throughout Europe using the ASEBA forms, as well as to discuss the challenges regarding the assessment of psychopathology in children and adolescents.

Keynote speakers were Thomas Achenbach (USA), Leslie Rescorla (USA), Frank Verhulst (The Netherlands), and Lourdes Ezpeleta (Spain).

The Scientific Committee invited submissions on the assessment of psychopathology with the ASEBA battery.

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