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Adult (Ages 18-59) Assessments

Sample Forms

The Adult Self-Report (ASR) and Adult Behavior Checklist (ABCL) incorporate many items of the 1997 editions of the Young Adult Forms (YASR & YABCL), plus new items and new national norms that span ages 18-59.

The profiles for scoring the ASR and ABCL include normed scales for adaptive functioning, Personal Strengths, empirically based syndromes, substance use, Internalizing, Externalizing, and Total Problems. In addition, the ASR and ABCL profiles feature DSM-oriented scales consisting of items that experts from many cultures identified as being very consistent with DSM-5 categories. The profiles also include a Critical Items scale consisting of items of particular concern to clinicians. The profiles display scale scores in relation to norms for each gender at ages 18-35 and 36-59, based on national probability samples.

Adults complete the ASR to report their own adaptive functioning, problems, and substance use. People who know the adult complete the parallel ABCL.

Both forms are valuable for assessing adults in mental health, family therapy, forensic, counseling, medical, substance abuse, and other settings.

The ASR and ABCL are especially valuable for assessing parents of children seen for mental health and family therapy services. By having parents complete ASRs to describe themselves and ABCLs to describe their partner, you obtain profiles that highlight crucial agreements and disagreements between parents’ self-descriptions and other people’s descriptions of their functioning. You can also compare parents’ ASR and ABCL profiles with their children’s ASEBA profiles.

Adult (ASR/18-59 &ABCL/18-59) Scales

Adaptive Functioning Scales: Friends; Spouse/Partner; Family; Job; Education, Personal Strengths

Syndrome Scales: Anxious/Depressed; Withdrawn; Somatic Complaints; Thought Problems; Attention Problems; Aggressive Behavior; Rule-breaking Behavior, and Intrusive

DSM-oriented Scales: Depressive Problems; Anxiety Problems; Somatic Problems; Avoidant Personality Problems; Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Problems (Inattention and Hyperactivity/Impulsivity subscales); and Antisocial Personality Problems

Substance Use Scales: Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs, mean substance use.

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